Wilsons - Client Portal

Login Troubleshooting

We have provided the following guide to assist you in logging into our new online portal. Please feel free to contact your Wilson HTM financial adviser, should you require any further assistance.

1. Login into portal without using Bookmarks / Favourites shortcuts.

From time to time bookmarks / favourites may become out of date and invalid. If you are experiencing login issues and are accessing the portal from a bookmark, please try accessing the portal directly at this location https://my.wilsonhtm.com.au/ Or you may use the login section at the top of our public website http://www.wilsonhtm.com.au/.

Once you have successfully logged into the portal you may recreate your bookmark pointing to the new location.

2. Delete your web browser cache and cookies

Web browsers store temporary data for websites. This data can sometimes become out of date, and requires deleting. For instructions on how to perform this task, visit your browser’s help resources:

3. Ensure you are using the latest version of your web browsing software

It is considered best practice to ensure your computer is runnning upto date versions of software in order to minimise compatibility and security issues. If you are generally having difficulties viewing web sites we suggest you update your web browsing software. For instructions on how to upgrade, visit your browser’s help resources:

4. Ensure you have "Pop Up" windows allowed in your web browser settings.

You may have pop-up window blocker enabled on your web browser. This can prevent you from accessing our portal from our public website. For instructions on how to check, visit your browser’s help resources: